Building and Integrating Clinical Teams

The center continues to insist on providing multidisciplinary care to patients. To this effect, we have managed to strengthen the existing "Heart Teams" where cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, anesthetists and intensivists collaborate to provide various clinical services. Clinical decision-making is greatly enhanced by this multidisciplinary approach with the added benefit of continuous education via exchange of knowledge and expertise among the team members. In line with this vision, the joint cardiology cardiac surgery meeting continues to take place regularly at the end of each week where new cases reviewed by members of the team are discussed and a management plan is agreed upon.

In 2012, the AHC have strengthened this philosophy; clinical rounds are routinely being carried out by a cardiologist, surgeon, anesthetist and intensivist - with each rotating to take the lead. The postoperative intensive care unit will – at all times – have onsite cardiology, cardiac surgery and anesthesia cover.

Clinical Audit

In compliance with best practice guidelines, the AHC team organizes a monthly clinical audit meeting to monitor the quality of service offered to patients. Various aspects of the clinical service are addressed including the activity of different teams, work pattern, volume of patients, outcomes and complications across various departments are reported and discussed. This ensures that problems are identified on a regular basis. The audit cycle is completed by introducing interventions that are thought to improve the quality of service in a particular aspect followed by monitoring their effects in subsequent meetings. This concept is one that is used by very few organizations in Egypt and is one that ensures that despite the AHC providing free treatment, it takes its mission of quality healthcare very seriously.

Continuing Education Program

In order to provide clinical teams with practical knowledge and expertise, the AHC stresses the importance of on the job training, with close proximity to the Patients themselves. After the daily ward rounds, and according to a fixed schedule, teaching takes place in the form of didactic lectures, journal clubs and round table discussions. Bedside teaching is regularly performed along with nursing and physiotherapy teams.

Following an agreement with the Egyptian Medical Syndicate, AHC currently provides two six-months training fellowships to cardiologists who practice in governmental hospitals across the Aswan Governorate. During this period, the trainees are requested to join a mandatory rotation for 4-and-a-half months in the OPC, echocardiography lab and the intensive care unit. The last 45 days are elective where the trainee has the choice of joining the cath lab, CT, MRI or non-invasive lab teams.

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