Healthcare Professionals Training Programme


At the AHC, we realize that even with strong financial support, effective management and existing local talent that we cannot achieve excellence without constant enhancement to our Teams’ skills and knowledge. We place a lot of emphasis on providing our doctors and staff with the best and latest training programs. Egypt suffers from a few problems in the cardiac field in general, most notable of which is the quality of nursing and post-operative clinical care.


Hence, we stress the importance of proper training to all our staff members; doctors, scientists and nurses included. Whether on the job training or through different courses and studies, it is imperative to us that we provide across the board excellence to all our Patients throughout the different phases of their treatment.

Nurses Training Programme


Upon the inception of the AHC in 2009, a medical recruitment campaign was conducted to recruit a core team of local health professionals who would be employed on a full time basis. Once the core team was assembled, a series of training programs ensued. These included on-the-job training, class work and E-Learning courses.


The Nurses’ Formal Program commenced in 2010 under the supervision of Ms. Linda Shaugnessey – a certified British Nurse Practitioner.  The curriculum covers all aspects of cardiac and respiratory care for both adult and pediatric patients. It is the only course of its kind in Egypt and the academic level is consistent with similar courses in the UK. There are 16 nurses that are currently taking the course, 14 of whom sat and passed the first academic exam and will be sitting the final exam in February/March 2013. All new nurses joining the AHC are automatically enrolled in the course.


To date, four nurses have successfully completed the two-year course and were chosen on merit by the Education team and the Director of Nursing to be sent to the Royal Brompton Hospital in London for training, and are being groomed to take on leadership roles within the system. All four have been promoted, three to Charge Nurse positions and one to a Nurse Manager position.


The AHC plans to send three more nurses for training to the UK in June 2013 to attend the Congenital Heart Disease Conference and complete similar placements at the Royal Brompton Hospital.

The AHC’s partnership with the Chain of Hope continues to grow stronger on more than one level. Chain of Hope has been extremely helpful in arranging these training periods for our nurses in the UK. They have also given them the chance to join missions to Jamaica, where they are exposed to first hand knowledge acquisition opportunities.

AHC also continues to benefit from Chain of Hope’s extensive network of highly skilled doctors and nurses who have covered periods of staff and/or expertise deficiency – usually on voluntarily basis. On the other hand, AHC continues to offer treatment to a limited number of sick children who are referred via the Chain of Hope. Our young surgeons and perfusionists have also supported Chain of Hope’s missions to Africa on a number of occasions.

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