An integral part of the AHC’s mission is to further scientific research on cardiac heart disease. We see our mission as not only to help patients who are in need but to also get a better understanding of the disease itself; its causes, prevention and treatment. The AHC’s Integrated Advanced Research Programme is aimed towards defining the prevalence, characteristics and determinants of cardiac disease, particularly within the Egyptian community.


We focus on diseases that have been neglected such as Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) and Bilharzial Pulmonary Hypertension (BPH). Our hope is to generate interest in these lesser-known diseases and gain insight into creating targeted strategies for prevention and treatment that would have a substantial impact on ‘Egyptian Heart Health’.


Through our clinical research programme the AHC develops and investigates innovative cutting edge treatments through randomized trials and detailed databases. Ultimately, these programmes are of great significance to our audit results, in terms of improving outcomes and recovery rates.


On the other hand, Translational research looks into the origins and basic mechanisms of several specific diseases such as Inherited Muscle Disease, Congenital Heart Disease, Rheumatic Heart Disease and Degenerative Valve Disease. The express aim of our research is to define types, genetic basis as well as cellular and molecular mechanisms.


Basic Science Research is very focused and acts as support to clinical and translational research. Backed by academic ‘blue-sky’ research, it provides us with a strong base for cardiac regeneration gene therapy and tissue engineering through stem cell research, nanotechnology and diagram designer scaffold using polymer science.


Last but not least, the AHC contributes heavily to Knowledge dissemination and Global Cardiology through the Open Access journal – Global Cardiology Science and Practice and other high impact peer publications and medical journals, alongside organizing several international meetings for the further exchange of knowledge.

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