The Aswan Heart Centre Project (AHC)

dsc 0814The Aswan Heart Centre Project (AHC) is an exceptional project launched in 2009 to establish a centre of excellence to combat heart disease in Egypt. Based in the heart of the Egyptian city of Aswan, The AHC occupies an area of 9000 m2 adjacent to the Aswan General Teaching Hospital.

A project of great significance to the Egyptian People, it places emphasis on making available state-of-the-art facilities, resources, research and scientific methods to provide heart patients – especially the underprivileged – with the highest standards of care available today. Our focus is on Upper Egypt and its surrounding areas, and extends to reach anyone in need.

The AHC is an integral part of the Magi Yacoub Foundation (MYF), one of Egypt's most renowned charity organizations in Egypt. The MYF is the body responsible for strategic management and administration of the AHC. Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub is the Chairman of the Executive Board that is in charge of the Centre's day-to-day operations and oversight, with other Members appointed by the Magdi Yacoub Foundation's Board of Trustees.

Backed up by the invaluable expertise of the MYF and strong financial support, effective management, existing local talent nurtured by appropriate academic leadership, career development plans and extensive international connections and good will, we are confident in our drive and ability to reach our set goals and defined objectives.

Phase I

The AHC's Phase I is an existing clinical unit, which was secured via a joint venture agreement with the Egyptian Ministry of Health. This unit has undergone a series of renovations to render it suitable for the demanding nature of cardiovascular surgeries and interventions.

Phase I comprises four floors and an extensive Catheter Suite. Facilities include two modern dedicated operating theatres, two catheter labs, a post-operative critical care unit equipped with 13 beds, two cardiac care units with four beds each and an 11-bed ward and six patient suites. This phase also hosts a fully equipped cardiopulmonary exercise lab, a blood bank and a laboratory. Total space amounts to 3700 metres².

Phase II

The second phase is an extension to the existing unit and harbors state-of-the-art cardiovascular imaging facilities in addition to a dedicated neonatal and pediatric post-operative intensive care unit, pediatric and adult wards.

Phase II adds 3,500 metres² of clinical and research services space spread out across four floors, including a state-of-the-art imaging suite and a dedicated pediatric unit incorporating ICU and pre and post-operative wards. A basement will house support service areas.

Significant investment has been made in modern cardiac imaging modalities – multi-slice computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging (Cardiac MR), which will be housed in the new Imaging Suite that will also host echocardiography and nuclear imaging modalities.

Phase III

The third and last phase hosts the emergency room, outpatient clinics, research laboratories, bio bank, library and administrative offices.

This is the latest addition to AHC's design; a two-floor building extending in total to 1750 metres2, intended to harbor a 4 bed emergency room, a 3 bed chest pain and triage unitwith direct access to the cath-lab, 4 outpatient clinics, a bio bank for storage of blood and tissue samples/specimens, basic science laboratories, a library, seminar rooms and administrative offices.



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